Creating an Advice Sheet in Compose is really easy. Just follow these three simple steps.

1. Find

There are two ways to find advice.

A. Explore: Click on one of the 'Topics' on the left-hand sidebar. As you select a Topic, you will see that the list of Advice (on the next side bar) filters accordingly. 

Hover over the Advice to see more content pop up.





B. Search: Type a keyword(s) in the search bar to filter the list of Advice. You can further filter using the Topics on the left-hand side bar.



Again, you can hover over the Advice to see more content pop up.

2. Select

Once you have found the Advice you would like to share with your customer, simply drag and drop it onto the Advice Sheet (the document space on the right).

If you wish to add additional advice to the Advice Sheet, simply select more Advice. When you drag it over the Advice Sheet you will be presented with the option to either 'Create a new advice document' or 'Combine advice documents'. 

Your Advice Sheet is now ready to...

3. Share

You can share your Advice Sheet a number of ways, click on 'Export' to see a drop-down list of options.







  • Export to Clipboard allows you to paste the Advice Sheet into another application, such as your Case Management System
  • Send Email allows you to send the Advice Sheet to your customer direct from the app
  • Export PDF generates a PDF of the Advice Sheet which you can download
  • Export Doc generates a Microsoft Word document (.docx) which you can download and further edit
  • Print enables you to send the Advice Sheet to a printer configured on your device